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What does Ecothrifty do?
Ecothrifty scours the daily deal world to find sustainable, animal-friendly, and health-conscious deals so you don't have to. We search diligently everyday to provide you with these incredible and hard-to-find offers through our website and in your inbox. You can choose to receive our deal newsletters based on your city, category preferences, and email frequency. We want everything to be a piece of cake for you. A piece of scrumptious organic cake. Yum.

How does Ecothrifty give back?
Ecothrifty is about more than just uncovering amazing green deals in your city and on the web. We donate a percentage of your purchase to environmental charities each time you score a deal, at no cost to you. We strongly believe that giving back should be the goal of every business and your support allows us to do that.

Is Ecothrifty free?
Ecothrifty is a completely free service! The signup process is painless and takes just a few seconds.

Why are some deals on the website not eco-friendly?
In order to find eco-friendly deals from other websites, Ecothrifty searches for specific "green" keywords in deal titles. Sometimes Ecothrifty catches "non-green" deals that have these keywords in their titles. You can simply ignore these kinds of deals when you encounter them.

I purchased a deal. Where can I find it?
Ecothrifty is a service that finds bargains and directs you to the deal sites selling them. You will need to go to the particular deal site that you purchased from in order to retrieve your deal. Most deal sites will email your deal voucher to you.

Is my personal information secure?
Your personal information is completely secure. We take our users' privacy very seriously and will never share your personal information. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more details.

My city isn't listed. What should I do?
The cities we've listed are based on where daily deal sites offer deals. We're sorry if you don't see your city currently listed. We suggest that you select the next city closest to yours to get nearby deals that you can still use. The good news is that many of the deals we find are available online and can be purchased from any city. Therefore, you shouldn't have any trouble finding sustainable bargains. In any case, please feel free to send us an email at support@ecothrifty.com and we will work on adding your city to our website.

Who created Ecothrifty?
Ecothrifty was founded by a UCLA college student who used daily deal offers to explore her city on a budget. Passionate about sustainable shopping and all things green, she decided to create Ecothrifty after noticing that eco-friendly deals were scattered around the daily deal world and required endless searching. Since regular deal aggregators often missed these deals, she created a website specifically focused on collecting these difficult-to-find bargains.

Ecothrifty's mission is to help shoppers go green on a budget while generating donations for the environment.

go green. save green. do good.